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Harbortouch  Bar and Restaurant

Recently Jon Taffer host and producer of Spike TV’s hit show Bar Rescue has partnered up with Harbortouch to create the world’s first Smart POS System. Years of research and development have paid off. This partnership with Jon Taffer will offer tools never seen before in the hospitality industry. Jon’s revenue-building tools built into the POS system are designed for the fast pace of Bar and Restaurant atmosphere. Harbortouch’s POS systems will bring together technology and industry expertise in a way that has never been done before. Harbortouch POS systems deliver countless benefits in terms of improved efficiency and streamlined operations, and now these benefits will be combined with integrated tools, including powerful analytics and customer promotions, that will have a direct impact on top-line sales by increasing both customer frequency and spend per visit.

All Harbortouch Elite 3 POS Systems are EMV capable with tip adjust.

With our new software platform Shift 4 we are able to integrate your food delivery services directly into our POS system. That means no more 3rd party tablets and confusion. Plus you will have a lower cost to use their services meaning more profits in your pocket.

 POS Solution for Bars and Restaurants

Harbortouch Bar and Restaurant – With an easy and predictable monthly service fee, it’s designed for merchants who want the lowest TCO (total cost of ownership) of any other full-feature POS system on the market.

With our free POS software and hardware program, we have solved that problem and revolutionized the way you do business. With merchant services built into each POS from Harbortouch ONE phone number to call for service and support. With an easy sign-up process, no up-front costs and, we’ve just made life 100% easier for you to purchase a new point of sale system from Harbortouch.

Additional benefits :

  • Jon Taffer’s built-in revenue tools
  • Integrate Grub Hub, UBER Eats, Amazon at a much lower fee.
  • Free Onsite Installation
  • Lifetime Hardware Warranty
  • No Up-Front Costs
  • Harbortouch 24 Hour Support in the USA
  • Built-in Reservation System
  • Free Menu Programming
  • Unlimited Free Paper Supplies


Easy Menu Setup

The menu is pre programmed for you from Harbortouch. When your system is installed you are ready to go. Changes can be made 3 ways. Directly on the system itself, remotely from the Lighthouse from any internet connected device or you can email changes to Harbortouch and they will make the changes overnight for you.

Simple Order Management

With Harbortouch it’s easy for users and management to manage orders.

  • Repeat Ordered Items
  • Split Checks
  • Change Tables
  • Change Quantities or Prices
  • Manage Gratuity and Taxes
  • Transfer Tickets

Customer History Database

Customers information is stored in the system with the loyalty program. Customers can earn points towards free food and drinks. Customers order history is stored along with Phone number, email, birthday and address if so desired. You can easily see who are the big spenders at your location.

Tabbedout App

Tabbedout app allows Harbortouch merchants to accept payments from a customers iPhone or Android device.Customers can start a tab, reorder drinks without a server coming to the table, check tab for errors, pay the tab and add a tip right from the customers phone.

Fresh Sheet Inventory

A handy feature included with Harbortouch POS system is inventory control.  With what we call Fresh Sheet. Fresh Sheet is located on the login screen and is available for everyone to see, You select certain items from the menu that are limited supply and it will keep track for you. Once an item is getting low the amount left will turn red. Once the item is depleted the item selection button will be greyed out.

Dynamic Pricing

Adaptable valuing alternatives to rapidly and effectively make coupons, manual comps, and programmed rebates. The system will automatically change costs between set circumstances,days and times. All things or simply certain things can be marked for discount.

Staff Management

No genuine POS system is finished without a full-include employee administration database. Screen your staff by overseeing subtle elements on your employees, for example, hours worked, time-sheet administration, additional time, deals, and security consents.

Table Management

Your Harbortouch Bar and Restaurant POS System will permit you to screen your table seating by observing which tables are empty, involved, and the quantity of individuals at each table. Reservations is a free module built into the system to hold tables ahead of time.

Internal Messaging System

Speak with your staff inside the POS system and add messages to the login screen. This works extraordinary for reminding staff to play out specific obligations, advance offers of particular things, or essentially reminding your staff to have an awesome day.

Harbortouch Lighthouse

Free Cloud-Based Management

Harbortouch Lighthouse remote cloud-based management tool that is a time-saver and dare we say a life-saver when it comes to managing your restaurant and bar POS system.

Lighthouse communicates between your POS system and Harbortouch Online so you can manage your Harbortouch bar and restaurant system from anywhere that you have an internet connection.  This amazing feature eliminates the back-office computer at your restaurant giving you the freedom to view your reports, manage your employees, and make changes to your menu from anywhere.

  • Access Your Top Reports Remotely
  • Adjust Your Menu Remotely
  • Manage Employees Remotely
  • Online Ordering Integration
  • View Financials and Statements
  • Access Support Videos and Live Chat
Harbortouch Lighthouse Online Reporting

New Add-on Features to Increase your Profits

Harbortouch Reservations - Free Online Reservation System

Harbortouch Reservations

With Harbortouch Reservations our reservation software is coordinated specifically into the Harbortouch POS system so you can acknowledge reservations physically or on the web. Harbortouch Reservations is complimentary and included with your point if sale at no extra cost to you,

Harbortouch Tableside iPad POS System for Restaurants and Bars

Harbortouch Tableside

Harbortouch Tableside is an application that runs on an Apple iPad giving servers the capacity to take orders tableside and send tickets to the kitchen and continue onto the next table. Portable tableside ordering has demonstrated to expand server proficiency and to accelerate table turns putting more profits in your pocket.

Harbortouch Online Ordering - HOLO

Harbortouch Online Ordering

Acknowledge orders online with Harbortouch’s Online Ordering. The web based ordering system is completely included in the Harbortouch bar and eatery POS System. For a $100 setup fee Harbortouch will add your menu to your website and customers can order from the website. So when an order is placed on the web, a ticket is naturally made in the POS system giving the customer a flawless ordering experience.

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